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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

I Can't Stop Watching This Dude Try To Hit A 186-MPH Fastball

Ever wondered what it'd be like to stand in against a big-league hurler? Yeah, this is kinda like that, but if the hurler was, like, a Terminator or something. Here's former Japanese ballplayer Takeshi Yamasaki, trying to get his bat around on a nearly 200-mph fastball (the fun starts at around 3:45 in the video below):

Look at that goddamn heater! Yamasaki's reaction to the first one is priceless. That he even bothers to dig back in there for another look at a pitch-velocity that would almost certainly blast his bat to a thousand jagged shards proves he's a better man than I'll ever be. He could have been killed!


One thing's for damn sure: This robo-pitcher beats the hell out of Cy-ber Young. When the techno-uprising eventually comes, this thing's gonna be blasting holes in the citizenry left and right. Oh god.

[Next Impulse Sports]

h/t Miserable Shitehawk

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