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'I Regret Nothinnnnnggggggg!'

On the list of things we would never attempt, right after "Barbaro message board moderator" and right before "poking Larry Allen with a sharp stick" comes this. It's base jumping, of course, but these batshit insane daring thrill-seekers have added a couple of twists over the past two years. No. 1 is wingsuits, which allow jumpers to spread their arms and, using the extra material in the suit, glide, flying-squirrel like, for several minutes until they have to employ the chute. Sadly, that second guy in the video was shot by Anna Benson.

The other is the relatively new trend of jumping off of a cliff and falling as close to the cliff face as possible (like, 20 feet in some cases). It's called skimming, or as we know it, certain death.


But some folks are just wired differently. Here's Mill Valley (Calif.'s) Chris McNamara, who started his career in adventure sports at age 14, when he climbed the Golden Gate Bridge. "A friend had scoped it out, but when we got there he bailed," McNamara said. "So I did it. I climbed a tower and then jumped over and ran down one of the cables." Oh.

McNamara's in one of the jumps in the video above, although we're not sure which one.

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