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I-Team Assemble: Who Is This Cubs Fan?

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That pink-hatted, green-shirted man behind home plate has been troubling—nay, pissing off—one reader. His tale after the jump.


Fred writes in, baffled by the constant presence of our behatted friend there:

I know you guys occasionally call the Deadspin Nation to action and hunt down unsuspecting fans for one reason or another. Usually the effort is put forth because shes hot but there is a guy who sits directly behind home plate at Wrigley for every night game. He's been there for three seasons or more. Two things about this guy that drive me and my friends crazy: 1) he wears a green golf shirt and a pink ball cap EVERY night 2) I believe the first few rows behind home plate (dugout box seats) are supposed to be issued by lottery for each game. Yet this guy is there every game in the same seat.

I emailed Len and Bob last season but got no response. Its time to find out who this douchebag is and why he wears that dumbass shirt and hat.

I haven't mastered the technology to forward you a screen shot but look at any night game highlight from the last 3 seasons and you'll see him sitting there.

Can you help?



Yes we can, Fred—with the help of the I-Team. Who is this man? How does he circumvent the alleged seating lottery? Does such a lottery exist? Where is he during day games—he didn't appear during the Cubs loss to the Astros today. Does he have his concessions brought to him or does he go to the concourse? Has he ever gabbed on his cellphone or waved at the camera during a pitch? Deadspin I-Team: Who is this man?


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