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I Think She's Mocking The Way You're Lying On The Couch

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You remember that "Favre who?" sign you drew up at the beginning of the year when Green Bay started 2-0, only to shove it back in your closet after they lost 3 in a row? Well, it might be time to take it back out and dust if off, because Aaron Rodgers is looking sharp today! The Colts offense spent much of the first half on the sidelines - by last count, we were at 14 shots of Peyton sitting angrily with his arms crossed - and Manning led off the 3rd with a pick that was returned for a touchdown. 24-7 Pack in the 3rd. • Detroit at Houston: Here's the good news - Dan Orlovsky has managed to avoid evading a tackle by running into the stands. The bad news? The only person on the field capable of stopping the Texans offense is Matt Schaub. But for a stupid red zone fumble by the Texans' QB, it's 28-3. As it stands, it's 21-10. Will it come back to haunt him? Magic 8-Ball says...doubtful. • New York Jets at Oakland: Ugly, ugly game going on here, complete with an endzone pick by Favre. It's currently 10-3 Raiders in the third. But if you really hate watching points being scored, you are going to want to flip over immediately to... • Cleveland at Washington: Knotted at nothing in the third. Derek Anderson is trying his best to prove last week was an aberration. Portis is playing well, but Washington has not yet been able to do anything with it and they just scored on a TD pass from Campbell to Randle El. 7-0 Skins in the 3rd.


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