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I Was A Fugitive From An NCAA Basketball Office Pool Chain Gang

So you say that you were with Dr. Martin Luther King during the protest at Selma? Ha, that's nothing. We marched with Representative Kim Meltzer (R-Mich.) during her courageous fight to make NCAA basketball tournament office pools legal.

Her proposal would exempt NCAA college basketball tournament brackets from the definition of gambling under Michigan law. The maximum allowable entry fee would be $20 and the pool could not exceed 100 people. The revenue from the pool could be divided only among its participants.


Finally, we can stop living in the shadows, the Office Pool Underground freely scribbling out their brackets in public cafes and other meeting places without fear of reprisals from the authorities. We can only wish Representative Meltzer good luck in her quest; she is doing God's work now (that pesky auto industry layoffs issue can wait).

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