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I Wish Kevin Durant Actually Hated Drake

For a moment, watching Drake bump Kevin Durant during a postgame interview, and replaying the wordless death-glare that followed, I thought, maybe the animosity is genuine. This was an electrifying possibility. The Raptors wheeled out their unofficial mascot for a night in his honor and Drake had been heckling Durant all game, and I imagine those things in conjunction can chafe a sensitive dude like KD:

Then I remembered that all rich people are friends now and we have no real courtside beeves. By the time he gets to “I don’t give a damn about no Drake Night,” the half-smiling Durant can’t even sustain kayfabe.

KD evidently didn’t give a damn, though, since he roasted his friend’s team for 30 points, nine rebounds, and six assists. Did you realize he was still averaging 27.7 points per game in his crowded new home? And on 56.2 percent shooting? I sure didn’t, and yet I am somehow already bored by these facts.

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