Remember when Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler turned his ESPN The Magazine profile into a platform from which to hurl molotov cocktails at his former team, the Texas Rangers, after he was traded to Detroit? It does not appear that time has done much to erode the animosity that Kinsler feels toward his former club.

Kinsler made his return to Arlington last night, and in the first inning he launched a home run to left field. As he was headed up the first base line, he hit his former teammates with a trollish wave and then rounded the bases with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

Kinsler downplayed the wave after the game, telling reporters that he was "Just having a good time." But of course the guy he homered off of, Colby Lewis, had to express his disappointment in Kinsler's lack of class, or whatever. From MLive:

"I know him and I enjoyed playing with him, but I guess 'disappointed' is the best word to describe it," Lewis said. "Maybe it's how he feels about how things ended up here and that's his opinion."


The Rangers and Tigers play again tonight. There's a good chance that Ian Kinsler is going to get drilled.