We can never quite tell if Ichiro Suzuki has an imaginative translator, or if he's even battier than we thought he was. Either way, it's entertaining. This, from after he missed a fly ball the other day:

"The ball became the same color as the sky,'' he said, through interpreter Ken Barron. "So, I wasn't able to see it ... I was sending mental signals for the ball not to come my way, because during that time of day it's impossible for me to see the ball so I lacked mental signals. I lacked in that area.'

"Usually, I don't send mental signals," Ichiro replied. "So, because this is the first time, I thought, please don't come my way."

It doesn't quite measure up to our favorite, from when he was discussing why the Mariners were struggling: "If there is a problem, we need to notice what creates the problem. The problem usually isn't just on the cover. You need to look much deeper. For example, if we're talking about a tree and the tree has a problem, you need to look at the root. But you cannot see the root. The mistake is to keep watering the fruit. That's not going to solve anything." Again, we'd love to know his interpreter a little better.


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