We hear plaudits for Ichiro Suzuki a lot. He's consistent, he's one of the best baseball players of the past decade, he curses hilariously in the clubhouse before all-star games. Add a new one—he has such pinpoint control of the ball as it comes off his bat that he can make it essentially unfield-able, by hitting it in to the jersey of the pitcher. Can't get to it there!

No, just kidding, Jarrod Parker pretty much just booted it into his shirt somehow.

It's actually sort of hard to tell what happened there—it was in his hand for a second, and then in his shirt, not straight to his shirt, right? Maybe this GIF will clear things up [click to embiggen]:


Nope. Magic. Parker actually went eight innings and only gave up six hits, one of which didn't count, because it was that one. Expect Ichiro to bat around 1000. now that he knows this trick.

h/t Jim G.