Recently, Idiots on the Field broke new ground by Vining themselves running in the middle of a sporting event. That clip was only six seconds, though. This Idiot named Zack has just revolutionized Idiot footage with a lengthy video.

In the 68th minute of Saturday night's Real Madrid-Inter Milan match in St. Louis, Zack took a chance and jumped onto the field. He was able to stay on the pitch long enough to snap some video selfies with Kak√° and Sergio Ramos.

Here's what Zack had to say about the incident (fully sic'd):

Oh and they didnt do much I got cuffed and walked to the jail cell there.. And on my way Ramos said yahh when I was looking at the ground and then when I looked up he winked at me it was the best day ever !

The bar has been raised, Idiots.

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