If An Octogenarian Can Do It, It's Not A Sport (UPDATED)

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What's scarier for a NASCAR driver going 200 mph? Sharing the track with someone on meth? Or sharing the track with someone who needs to get to Old Country Buffet in time for the early bird special?

Hershel McGriff's first race was in his family's sedan on an unpaved track. His first NASCAR race when Truman was in office. The point I'm making is, he's really really old (not that this is a handicap, apparently).


He's 81 to be exact. And depending on how qualifying goes today, he could become the oldest man to run a NASCAR series race. McGriff is attempting to make the field for this afternoon's NASCAR Camping World West Series event in Portland, Ore., 64 years after his first race there.

McGriff was personally invited to join NASCAR by Big Bill France, in its third year of existence. Back then, that meant driving his stock car around the country to each race track. He's racked up four Cup wins in his career, been named one of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers, and was inducted into the Motorsport Hall Of Fame in 2006.


But he's no stranger to comebacks: he's had two retirements, 48 years apart. So if you're in Portland and want to know which car is his, just look for the one with the blinkers on.

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UPDATE: He done qualified.