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If This Is A Fling At Racial Profiling, They're Doing It Wrong

Community leaders are in an uproar over the situation at Danville (Ill.) High School, where the basketball coach, they say, used racial profiling when he cut eight members of the varsity team recently. Here's where they lost me, however: It's an all-black team. Racial profiling attempt in Danville, Illinois: FAIL. From the Danville Journal-Gazette:

"We have racial profiling going on," said Frank McCullough, pastor of Mount Olive Christian Church, adding that's the only explanation in his mind. "He took a look at the way the young men wore their hair, and made comments about that and whether he thought they should be hanging out with certain people." Senior Omar Kelly said he felt coach Gary Tidwell discriminated against him and senior Ayron Worthington because they wore braids. But he acknowledged that two other players who were not cut also wear them.


Many of the players who were cut are seniors: So I would have gone for ageism. But I'm no lawyer. But this is the part that got me:

Debra Gouard, a local minister and Bryant's mother, was incensed when Tidwell told her and other mothers that he chose the best players for the team, but that he didn't have his selection criteria in writing.

Yeah, you've got to have that stuff in writing. "Must be able to find own ass with both hands." "Must be able to drop rock in ocean from beach." "Applicant should be able to run length of floor without throwing up." Some In Danville Cry Foul Over High School Basketball Cuts [Danville Gazette]

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