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If You Are A Journalist, Ukraine's Soccer Coach Will Fight You

Ukraine head coach Oleg Blokhin, who's something of a soccer legend in Russia, really wanted to beat the shit out of some journalists today, after his squad lost 1-0 to England and was eliminated from Euro 2012. What made the day worse for Blokhin was that Ukraine appeared to score in the 63rd minute, but the referees never ruled it a goal, despite the clear visual evidence.

When the media started doing their media thing, asking questions and what have you, after the match, Blokhin was in no mood. The video is above, queued up to the part where Blokhin gets testy, but here's what the translation looks like:

"We scored a clean goal in the 63rd minute, as the ball crossed the goal line by over a metre.

"What can I say? There are five refs on the pitch and the ball was over the line. Why do we need five refs then? Devic scored a goal and I don't know why it wasn't allowed.

"We had rotten luck tonight because the ball was not willing to go into the goal and England were lucky to score."

Blokhin then lost his temper with a journalist and said: "Let's go outside and have a man conversation.

"Have you ever played? You write what you like. You don't like my team or me. I understand you are a journalist. You should respect me."

Blokhin actually has a history of lashing out at reporters for no apparent reason. Several years ago, as coach of Moscow FC, Blokhin had a heated confrontation with the media, who dared film his practices.


In fact, Blohkin erupted at the Euro 2012 media just yesterday when they were asking about the health of striker Andriy Shevchenko:

"Let's call Shevchenko and ask Shevchenko," snapped Blokhin. "I don't have only Shevchenko in my team. I don't look good in front of my players if I talk only about Shevchenko, his career and his private life."


Ukraine have never won in six games they have played in Donetsk but Blokhin said: "We can lose in every stadium. We should break this tradition. It will surely happen and we will win a game in this stadium.

"The team of England are good. They are supposed to be very strong. For us, it's different. I think England will be more nervous than us. We have nothing to lose. We can only win. ..."


Or not.

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