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Yesterday, Major League Baseball released a Strongly Worded Statement, making it clear that former Madonna statue Jose Canseco's claims — that Bud Selig and Co. could cover up a positive steroid test if the player (namely, Roger Clemens) were popular enough — "complete nonsense." It is the next in a series of angry, "Canseco's a self-promoting liar" tsk tsk attacks from MLB on Canseco, pointing out his obvious credibility issues, borderline personality and desire to be Steven Seagal. It's rather easy to discredit Jose Canseco.

But is it? Seth Mnookin actually looks at truth telling record of Canseco, as compared to that of Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and, namely, Bud Selig, and finds that he's not the one with the history of credibility issues. And we continue to live in a world where a man who wears this shirt is the Pied Piper on the issue of doping in sport. The last honest man, Jose Canseco.

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(UPDATE: OK, Canseco just asked for a trade from the Surf Dawgs AFTER ONE GAME. More on this later ... but what were we saying about a disreputable source?)