You know, haven't we lost enough of our innocence? Must we now deal with sumo scandals? Is nothing sacred?

Turns out, there are a ton of problems with the world of sumo. The most serious: Allegations of match fixing. Or bout fixing. Or whatever the heck they call those things.

Allegations are being made over match-fixing within the sport. Just prior to his promotion to Yokozuna, Hakuho's stablemaster was caught on tape discussing match-fixing. The magazine, Shukan Gendai has published the names of top wrestlers they claim are involved, and lawsuits fly left, right & center.

So, the point of sumo is to knock the other guy out of the circle, right? That must be awfully easy to fix, and to discover fixing: Just look for the really fat guy sprinting away. He's the cheater. Duh.

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