USC's athletic director, Pat Haden, has been taking some heat lately. With his school's football program still reeling from the Lane Kiffin disaster, Haden gave the head coaching job to University of Washington's Steve Sarkisian, whose career Pac-12 winning percentage is .539. Kiffin's was .586. Understandably, a lot of USC fans have been griping on Twitter about Haden's decision, and many of those people have consequentially been introduced to Haden's nephew, John, who is a smarmy motherfucker.

It appears that John spends his day searching Twitter for people who mention his uncle's name, and then he sends them bullshit replies like this one, or a link to his manifesto about the ills of being a "Keyboard Cowboy."


Look at these words!


Does he also tweet out links to Upworthy stories? You bet he does.

h/t Josh