If You Want More Info About Brandon Marshall's Stabbing Or Non-Stabbing, Today's Your Lucky Day

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The South Florida Times, a publication that prides itself on "Elevating the Dialogue," went ahead and got its hand on all sorts of paperwork about an April 23 incident at Dolphins WR and all-around good guy Brandon Marshall's house. You remember, the law said his lady stabbed him but he decided not to abide by that account of events. Anyway, the elevated dialogue contains both a link to "Brandon Marshall's Supplemental Domestic Violence Reports" and this blurb:

Several other deputies gave accounts about a bloody 13-inch knife and a bloody gun clip.

"In the hallway near the front door, I also observed a large kitchen knife covered with blood and a small, but loaded magazine, from an unknown firearm," wrote Deputy Roberto Aspuru. "I also noted that although the magazine is able to hold a total of 6 rounds, there were only 5 rounds accounted for. In addition, there was blood on the magazine as well."

Swanson asked Marshall about weapons in the house. Marshall then took Swanson to his bedroom closet and retrieved a handgun from inside a clothes drawer. The magazine clip was missing. Swanson reported there was one bullet in the gun's chamber, which he removed before placing it into evidence.

Marshall told deputies his injuries were from a broken vase. He also said he did not want anything to happen to his wife.

That damn vase is a menace.

Brandon Marshall: The Untold Story [South Florida Times]

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