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If You Wanted A Think Piece About The "Hockey Luvin Homos," Puck Buddies Got Your Back

From the preeminent website "for boys who like boys who like hockey" comes a follow-up to this week's widespread discovery of Vancouver's front-row "Hockey Luvin Homos."

We're rascals ourselves on occasion but don't think we'd ever go the HLH route to make a statement or grab some notoriety – yet our hats go off to them for their creativity, brass balls and media-savvy.

No one wants to see us in drag, no matter how campy. Trust us – no one. They fired a shot heard 'round the hockey world and we hope they surface and continue to make news and noise.


While they go on to chronicle other mergers of sport and sexuality, the triple-headed convergence of sport, sexuality and hits from conservative sites that the Buddies noticed was pretty interesting.

A handful of responses followed and we weren't all that surprised by the tone. What did surprise us was how the thread ultimately ended – not in a torrent of homophobic rants, but with what could be characterized as a grudging acceptance and best of all, a compliment on our efforts. ...

To: hobbes1
Paula and i were roaring over this website yesterday, with the sexy Sasha pix etc. So she texted me today about the Sid piece. i was howling aloud reading it. Gay men are funnier/more clever than most women.
posted on Friday, April 01, 2011 2:09:34 PM

Oh, most women are not going to appreciate that.

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