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To be clear, what you are looking at is not Dave Bermingham's glove right after fellow adult league hockey player Zung Nguyen defecated in it following a fight. What you are looking at is Dave Bermingham's glove a week later, still pregnant with feces.


Bermingham took this photo on his phone and shared it with teammates, one of whom shared it with us.

"We played the following Friday in the same rink and got the same bench, and lo-and-behold, the glove was still there. The ref had tossed it in the trash barrel during our game, but you can imagine what happened…'Hey, there's a new-looking glove in the trash! That can't be right! Let me just grab this…ugh!' I can imagine that it must have happened multiple times during the week."

In the past few days, we've heard from multiple people who have played with and against Nguyen, and every single one stresses what a nice guy he is and how shocked they are that he'd do something like this. In other circumstances, it might have even been funny. (Sure, when 16-year-old Nyjer Morgan creatively poops at hockey camp, he's a prankster, but when a 37-year-old man does it, he's banned for life.) So we're more than willing to chalk this up to a moment of foolishness and feculence.

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