Illinois Pizza Place Offers Free Pizza If You Show Your Boobs

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One late-night pizza place on an Illinois college campus has engineered a creative way for girls to pay for pizza slices in lieu of cash. Wait, did I say "creative"? I meant "fucking creepy."

If you're a female customer who goes to Drew's Pizzeria in Champaign, you can apparently flash your boobs and walk away with some free pizza. Since sober girls usually won't flash people for free pizza, it seems that these boobs-for-pizza trades unsurprisingly happen more often at night, according to a Craigslist post found by Smile Politely.


The restaurant's now-deleted Twitter account enthusiastically advertised this promotion:


So, ladies, if you don't want to shell out $10.99 for a large pizza—that's the price, per Drew's Pizzeria's website—you can show your tits instead, because employees at Drew's Pizzeria are apparently that deprived of seeing boobs.

[Smile Politely]

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images