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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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This is all pretty suspicious, no? After last week’s Denver Broncos loss, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said, among other criticisms, “We need to call better plays.” He then quickly disappeared off the team in a trade with San Francisco. Now, after the Broncos lost again on Sunday in a heartbreaker to the Colts, and QB Joe Flacco publicly fumed about the 2-6 team’s cowardice in its late-game play calling, he’s found himself off the active roster as well. The team’s excuse seems to be that Flacco has a “herniated” “disc” in his “neck.” Yeah, maybe from a knife that Rich Scangarello plunged into it!


Ask yourself which is more likely: That the Denver Broncos franchise tried to silence dissent by whacking its QB and replacing him with an unknown 2016 sixth-rounder from Arkansas who’s never made an NFL start before? Or that a 34-year-old man who’s played over 170 games of pro football would suddenly start feeling pain in his neck? Think about it, sheeple, or at least humor me in this conspiracy. It’s only way to make this doomed Broncos season even remotely interesting.

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