In Case It Slipped Your Mind, Ohio State Still Hates Michigan

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For the record, we're pretty sure that the Pat Forde-recommended Dead Schembechlers hate the University of Michigan more than any punk band ever hated anything, and that's saying something. So if you also hate the Wolverines, you won't want to miss the Hate Michigan Rally on Nov. 17 in Columbus, headlined of course by Ohio State's favorite punk band. From the Dead Schembechlers' Web site (with one edit by us):

To help celebrate the news of the show the band has made a new song available on their MySpace page. Entitled "Chad Henne is A Mother%&*($@# Joke" it celebrates the comic mishaps of the Bucks favorite tackling dummy.

The Dead Schembechlers' discography is indeed a roster of bile and loathing. We saw a few episodes of American Bandstand back in the day, but we're pretty sure we never heard Dick Clark introduce songs such as: "Michigan Stadium's A Pile Of Shit," and "Ann Arbor Girls Are Dirty Whores." Although, you know, we could have missed that episode.


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