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In Case You Were Wondering What Freddie Mitchell Has Been Up To Lately

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We never tire of making fun of the various post-"retirement" exploits of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, but a reader from Indiana tops them all with a story (and picture) he sent in over the weekend. Here's the tale:

I was at home this past weekend in Mishawaka, IN, and my brother told me that over the summer Freddie Mitchell was a substitute teacher at Mishawaka High School. Supposedly the woman who was his kid's mother lives in town, and he needed some extra money. He lasted all of one week, due to the fact that he was caught asking girls for their phone numbers. My brother thinks he's still in northern Indiana somewhere, presumably subbing somewhere else.

I've attached a picture from the halls of MHS. I guess he wore his NFC Championship ring around as well.


Freddie Mitchell, instructing the youth of Northern Indiana. We think that would have been entertaining to witness.

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