For years, for the NBA Draft Lottery, various franchises have trotted out coaches, assistants, GMs, current stars, franchise legends, random puppies, whoever, to represent the team as they find out which tall young person they will pay millions of dollars to. And now that Major League Baseball is holding its own televised draft โ€” it'll be like the NBA Draft, except you won't know who anyone is, and they will all be dressed like idiots and sporting soul patches โ€” they've got their individual team reps as well.

Some obvious names here, of course: Tommy Lasorda will take a break from the swirly move to represent the Dodgers, Jim Palmer will be there for the Orioles, so on. We love that Darryl Strawberry is the Mets' rep, and that Don Zimmer is showing up for the Devil Rays. (We're pretty sure he'll have no idea what's going on but will somehow end up being thrown off the podium anyway.) Also: A Walt Weiss sighting!

MLB Announces Club Representatives At The First-Year Player Draft []