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In Defeat, Jim Harbaugh Turns To Sir Andrew Barton

Two weeks ago, Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan Wolverines suffered a double-overtime loss at the hands of rival Ohio State; afterwards, the Milkman remarked he was “bitterly disappointed” with the officiating in the game, specifically railing against the refs for giving Ohio State a crucial first down spot on a 4th-and-1 in the second overtime period. The dig earned Michigan a $10,000 fine and apparently led Harbaugh to a period of personal enlightenment.


During Wednesday’s Orange Bowl press conference, Harbaugh bounced in his chair like a giddy child when it was brought up that he’d finally get to see Florida State’s majestic steed in action; he also regaled the media with the fond memory of his first coconut (he and his brother tried to scale the coconut tree; they ended up snagging one with a rock and eating it on the spot.) This was the Jim we missed while Mad Jim raged. When asked about the loss to Ohio State, Harbaugh opted for a more reflective tone than his last outing, quoting the famous English ballad “Sir Andrew Barton”:

It was a tough loss, but as Sir Andrew said:

“Fight on, my men,” Sir Andrew Said

“A little I’m hurt but not yet slain.

“I’ll just lie down and bleed a while,

“And then I’ll rise and Fight again.”

We’ve only got another 23 days of Harbaugh availability before Winter sets in, folks. Enjoy it while it lasts.