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In Prank War Before Big Game, High School Leaves Dead Cat On Rival's Doorstep

Tomorrow is the big Phillipsburg-Easton football game, an Thanksgiving tradition for the rival schools on either side of the N.J.-Pennsylvania border. Tensions can run high, but it's usually all in good fun. Over the weekend, Phillipsburg students stole "Red Rover," the stone bulldog statue that sits outside of Easton High. They took some pictures, then returned it on Monday morning.

The next day, a dead cat was left at the front door of Phillipsburg.

"The cat appeared to be deceased prior to being left at the high school," police said, but that doesn't really differentiate between "students found a dead cat" and "students killed a cat and dumped its corpse." Cops say they're investigating and won't assume this is related to football, but Philipsburg's mascot is a cat. Please don't kill animals, except the ones used to make the footballs.


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