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In Support Of More Lego Violence

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Inspired by this well-done ranking of the best five baseball fights — we agree that Nolan Ryan pounding Robin Ventura is No. 1, but Izzy Alcantara catcher-face-kick/take-on-all-comers minor league battle is one of the more underrated sports events of our lifetime — we are proud to showcase The Batgirl reenactment of the AJ Pierzynski-Michael Barrett fight from last week. As is her wont, the reenactment is staged using only Legos.

For those who aren't familiar with the greatness that is the Batgirl Lego reenactments, here are a few of our favorites:

The Congressional steroid hearings.
Frank Thomas returns from the DL.
A grand Twins-White Sox brawl.
The great Lego Twins revolt.


For all people talk about this whole Web business, Batgirl has been out there ripping this stuff up for longer than just about any of us. Our claw-like hands, able to hold slender blunt objects exclusively, salute you.

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