Shannon Ragland, a Louisville-based self-published author, has written a new book claiming the a Kentucky-Xavier football game in 1962 was "fixed." Everyone's denying it, of course, but that's not even the best part. According to the book, old Kentucky players would receive blow jobs from dudes for cash.

According to Ragland's account, some UK players in the early 1960s became involved with two gay men who had moved to Lexington around 1959. The two men were luring players to their Lakewood Drive residence with offers of free food, alcohol and parties even before Bradshaw became coach, the book says. Eventually, according to Ragland, some players submitted to gay oral sex in exchange for money, receiving $200 or more for each act. At some point, Ragland writes, movie star Rock Hudson became involved through his friendship with one of the party hosts. (Hudson died of complications from AIDS in 1985.)

Man, the early '60s Wildcats locker room must have been like Caligula. We need someone to guide us through this morass. Kige?

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