In The Aftermath Of The Still-Uncompleted Garnett Trade

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Though it's still not "official," it's pretty much a given now that Kevin Garnett is going to be a Celtic. This is an odd matter for us to wrap our minds around; we had sort of assumed Garnett would die a Timberwolf, no matter what he wanted.

Three views of Garnett in Boston:

The Sports Feller: "All three [Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce] are about to become relevant again in April, May and June. Would you bet against them having monster seasons? Would you bet against them embarking on a 100-game mission to make the Finals? Hell, have three star teammates ever had more to prove in one season?"


Empty The Bench: "Garnett's conscience has handcuffed him to failure for years, but was it merely due to the sub-par teams he was on? Could a selfless and conscientious player who cares more for the game than himself succeed in this game? Perhaps we have the rare opportunity to find out."

Simon On sports: "Can we not ignore the fact that only two months ago Garnett wanted absolutely nothing to do with Boston? This deal was set months ago but KG didn't want to deal with the wintry weather. He vetoed the deal, aka gave Boston a big middle finger, why should we ignore this fact, I certainly refuse to."