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In Which We Get Sucked Into A Crazy Dog Show Feud

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Remember the Dog Show? Little did I know when I posted this photo, I would open up the door to one man's insane quarrel with the pictured handler, and receive a letter that's ten kinds of nuts.


It was way back in February of last year when I posted this, my annual Westminster Dog Show field trip. Included was a photo of the handler above, one Mr. Andrew Green, and some throwaway jokes about him being mean to his dog. I, and the world, forgot about it. Until yesterday, when AJ received an email from one lone avenger, fed up with Green's "sexual harassment, taunting, verbal abuse and just plain hostility" toward the emailer, his wife and his stepdaughter.

One of your reporters wrote a story I believe his name was Barry Petchesky.

Barry wrote

"he's way too intense for someone who gets to play with a Samoyed all day. I first noticed him when he yelled at a small child who dared to try to pet his dog"

I have a follow up that you will like. The dog handler is Andrew Green. Your reporter was very receptive on his evaluation of Mr Green. I am attaching a 5 page letter to AKC corporate, you may find yourself angry by the time you get to the end. I would be willing to sit down with your reporter and speak with him or yourself for that matter. Mr green is a vile human being which you will soon understand after you read the letter I wrote to AKC.


Our emailer, Palmer Collier, linked us to his website — he's a "Television Media Health and Fitness Expert." Now that you know what we're dealing with, here's Collier's attached letter to the American Kennel Club, spelling out his grievances against Green. Don't say you haven't been warned. (Everything is sic'd, including the name of "Jennifer Swenk," the person to whom he's addressing the letter.)

April 7, 2010

American Kennel Club
Human Resources Department
AKC Staffing
P.O. Box 900060
Raleigh, NC 27675-9060
Attn: Jenifer Fwenk

Dear Jenifer,

My name is Palmer Collier. This letter will startle and upset you and is a call to action! I am not registered with AKC, nor have any dogs AKC registered. I am a simple fan who occasionally stands outside the ring to support his wife who shows and breeds Samoyeds.


Do you know who Andrew Green is? I understand that all the AKC reps and judges are scared and frightened of him. Also that he is untouchable and no one in the AKC wants to ruffle his feathers. I do not understand how this can be so. Let me tell you my story.

I am writing to you for one very simple reason. Andrew Green has been sexually harassing, embarrassing, taunting, verbally abusing and just plain hostile to my wife for many years now. Enough is Enough!


Four years ago approximately at the Saratoga Springs Dog Shows in Saratoga NY the week before Westminster Dog Show he called my wife Carrie Parma Collier a whore, a slut and a cunt! He called her this in the dog show ring!

He is 6.2' over 200lbs and my wife is 5.2' 130lbs. Carrie was so intimidated from his accusations, threats and bullying she was afraid to tell the AKC rep because she felt Andrew would hit her when they got out of the ring! I should have pressed charges right then and there with local police authorities and the AKC. I wanted to call the local police department when Carrie called me on the phone very upset. That would have looked pretty messy on AKC show grounds with police sirens blaring out!


Can this get worse? Yes, my step daughter who was fourteen at the time heard about this despicable event from her mother and others at the show. This is a very confusing message to a young lady of 14 years of age as well as the other young, up and coming handlers of the future in the dog game. What kind of message is this for a fourteen year old girl when a guy like Andrew Green who is a supposed "GOD" in the dog game can speak vulgarities to a woman and gets away with it especially when it's her mother? In fact my step daughter was invited to Andrew Green's wedding and gracefully declined shortly after this incident. I would ask you to show this letter to your significant other (Husbands-Wives) and see what their response would be.

AKC, you have a real problem on your hand! Andrew Green is eroding the fine reputation of what his father Peter built...Is this the NBA where trash talk is allowed by a bunch of thugs?


I called Andrew immediately at the time of this incident. I left a message on his kennel voice mail and told him I expected an apology from him. My wife Carrie actually got an in-person apology from Peter Green. Mr. Peter Green did not have to do that but out of respect to a woman and more then likely his disgust from his son's actions he felt an obligation.

Andrew sent a letter with one word on it. "Sorry". Unfortunately on the envelope he addressed it to "Mrs. Carrie Parma Dinger Collier". Let me help you out with that, my wife was married before me. I did not appreciate his sick twisted sarcasm! The way he addressed the front of the letter proves his immaturity and his resistance and insubordinate behavior to AKC and human beings. If he would have addressed the envelope in a respectful manner and written a true apology I would have been fine and moved on. But the abuse continues.


So tell me AKC, how would any of you feel in my shoes? What if Mr. Green called your wife a slut, a whore and a C——nt? And if you have a young impressionable teenager at home, would you like them to see a man treat a woman like that? This type of incident makes a woman a victim later in life! It's wrong anywhere anytime or to anyone for that matter!

Well when some one calls your wife these vulgar names and teenagers and junior handlers are hearing that Andrew Green gets away with it, AKC no longer becomes a family sport. You now have a disease called cancer.


I approached Mr. Green this weekend at Syracuse and told him in an angry tone that I was tired of his antics and that he would have to apologize to my wife. I'm angry and livid that he feels he can treat my family like this. I told Mr. Green's wife I wanted to speak with her husband and she should let him know this. I thought maybe Andrew would be courteous enough to come over and say the simple words "I am sorry". Before Mr. Green entered the ring I approached him and told him it was time to take care of unfinished business and requested an apology. Was I angry at the time? You bet I was! Four years this has been simmering and during those four years he continued the harassment to my wife!

A woman jumped forward into my space shoving her phone in my face and threatened me and told me she was going to call 911. At the time my exchange was toward Andrew in a very passionate manner. I had no clue who she was, to me she was sticking up for Andrew. She was in no way helping matters. In fact the anger intensified due to her not introducing herself; she just plain jumped in my face with a very harsh attitude. I told her to stick the phone up her ass!


The AKC rep Patty Proctor who from what I understand has a reputation of having a short fuse and lack of control over her venues based on what handlers say behind the scene. You may want to have a closer look at Ms Proctor.

In fact please take a closer look at me by all means if you look at my websites you'll see the kind of work that I do. I am proactive to developing quality in people's lives.


Just go to
Then go to

I am a very proactive entrepreneur. I work closely with the media to help educate their viewers to take positive steps to improve their every day journeys. I would be happy to do a seminar for your staff on positive thinking.


The solution for an easy resolve would either be a written apology from Mr. Green to AKC for his insubordinate behavior and also a legitimate letter to my wife. I also feel a long term suspension of Andrew Green by AKC would force him to reflect on his argumentative, confrontational, belligerent personality traits. He is in serious need of behavior modification.

If Andrew is going to insist on threatening my wife then I will have to be at every show just to make sure he does not physically assault her or I will have to call local law enforcement authorities and request them to be at ringside where Andrew is in close contact with my wife. Maybe a restraining order will need to be made? In fact the very next day after my testy incident with Andrew Green he glared continuously at my wife and spit his bait onto the ground at her while in the ring! Exactly twenty four hours later! His behavior is just plan reckless any way you cut it!


I understand that he has had a behavior record in the past and many past transgressions with handlers and judges. I am under the impression that he has been what AKC calls benched because of behavioral issues. I have also enclosed the article from an unbiased New York journalist at the time of the Westminster dog show in 2009 that he keenly picked up on Andrew's typical demeanor. I have enclosed the article with this letter. You can read this if you have not already.

Today in the national news media there was a story about nine high school girls that were arrested for "taunting" a fellow class mate that ultimately led to her suicide. Andrew Green is the king of TAUNTING my wife. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!


In closing I feel confident that a fine organization like AKC will not let this matter escalate any further. I look forward to a quick resolution to this matter.


Palmer Fisk Collier III

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