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Insensitive NFL Sells Brett Favre Dog Jerseys!

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OMG, you guys! Can you believe the Minnesota Vikings are such cold heartless bastards that they would profit off the pain of animals by selling personalized dog jerseys! It's almost like they don't care how ridiculous your pets look!


Even the Lions and Bengals are also trying to capitalize on this sick trend. Dog leashes, jerseys, water dishes. Every team in the NFL is selling pet accessories, many of which can be personalized to include Favre's name and number (or anyone other gruesome football thugs that make you sick.) It's just gross. Don't they realize that if everyone sees little Bowser in a Vikings #4 onesie—or worse, a Cowboys shirt—that all the other dogs at the park run will hate him? Why would you put a poor defenseless animal through that?

It's true that these disgusting products pre-dated the return of Brett Favre and that any product that's available to one team can be made available to all of them (just like those equally offensive Alyssa Milano baseball tank tops) but I still think it's despicable. The NFL should burn all these products in a giant bonfire before I become more offended. Shame on you, NFL Shop. People who hate Brett Favre fans deserve better.

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