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Just out today: the A-11 Installation Manual. For only $199, now your football team can have all 11 offensive players eligible on every play (offer not valid in North Carolina).


The A-11 is the innovative offensive formation invented by coaches at Piedmont High in Calif. in 2007, in which all players are eligible to catch a pass due to the offense lining up in a scrimmage kick formation. It's become the cool new thing to try at the high school level, and some colleges are even tinkering with variations of it. And, of course, some football purists are trying to have it banned.


So act now, before the whole thing is declared illegal (as it has been in parts of North Carolina, Montana and Louisiana). you can have the A-11 installed for your scrappy, undersized (in other words, hopelessly overmatched) prep team for the low introductory price of $199. Included will be:

• White Box Defensive Fronts.
• Shovel & Draw Package.
• Screens & Dinks.
• Bubbles.

And of course,

• Scissor Package.

Whether you like the offense or think it's a gimmick that should be outlawed, there's no denying that Piedmont coaches Kurt Bryan and Stan Humphries, who invented it, are turning it into a cottage industry. Visit the web site; buy the DVD. Play the video game (pending).


"The A-11 is here to stay," Bryan told me this past November. "I'm not saying that everyone is going to run it, but it's going to help change the game over the next 10-20 years from one that's slower and more confined to one that's going to become faster and more spread out."

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