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Interview With Danny McBride of Eastbound & Down

Danny McBride stars as Kenny Powers in the new comedy series from HBO, Eastbound & Down. Check out this scene from the premiere episode – and be sure to catch the second episode, this Sunday at 10:30 PM on HBO.

1. Your character, Kenny Powers, is a gigantic loser. Do you feel like you can relate?
Nah. If he was a gigantic douche then maybe. But loser? Fuck that, B.

2. You do poor white people, really, really well. What's that about?
I figure stick to what you know. Plus, I do poor black people, really, really bad.

3. Have you ever done steroids?
Have you seen the size of my guns? You do the math.


4. Your character's hair is a combination of Jeff Brantley and John Kruk. Did you grow it out for the part?
Everything was for the part. The hair, the stache, the weight. Well okay, the weight was sort of just me.
But the rest...method like a mother fucker.

5. Do you have a preference: sunflower seeds, Kodiak wintergreen, or Big League Chew.
Gotta go with the Big League.

6. The "Foot Fist Way" was excellent. Do you think people who enjoyed that movie will like this show? Or will they hate it and accuse you of selling out to the man.
Hopefully those fifteen people who saw "foot fist" will enjoy this too. I don't think anybody who watches
this show can say we sold out. It kicks the man in the balls, face, and butthole, big time.

7. How do you feel about "Road Beef"? You know, married ballplayers having a little skanky side project on the road. What type of lady would Kenny Powers hook up with?
Powers likes his "beef" real big and juicy.


8. Who's your least favorite baseball announcer? Joe Buck, Joe Morgan, Tim McCarver, or Vin Scully.
Joe Buck and Vin Scully lend their voices to our show so those guys are in the clear. Morgan and
McCarver can both suck it.

Watch Danny McBride as he stars in HBO's hilarious new comedy series, EASTBOUND & DOWN, on Sundays at 10:30 PM – only on HBO.

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