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We get many fantastic tips in our inbox and from the #tips forum. Some are not so great. These are some of those #tips we specifically overlooked or ignored. All apologies.

•"The_International_Poise_Conspiracy" apparently watches Tyra, and found Drew's soul mate.


•"Silent Q" is not a midget stripper, and therefore Reggie Bush has no use for him.

•Unapproved commenter "pat.card" has quite the rant on bracketology:

Just so all college basketball fans know...Joe Lunardi is NOT on the selection committee. What he says, in fact, is NOT the law when it comes to the NCAA tournament. He has a high success rate in picking final brackets? How much work actually needs to be done on selection Sunday to figure out who is in? Nobody seems to understand that 95% of the field has already been decided by the time this guy gets on the air with his final bracket. This guy is a complete fraud. There are maybe 3 teams that are up in the air on selection Sunday. I'd be more impressed if he picked the bracket with a 95% success rate in January. Anyone who follows college basketball closely during the season could do his job. And if ESPN really wants someone like this, there has to be somebody who is better on the air and more charismatic than this shlub. It's a crime that ESPN would showcase this guy as its voice of March Madness. God help the broadcasting industry. ESPN is a complete debacle in more ways than you could ever imagine.


•"ArkansasFred," for no discernible reason, points us to tips for creating your own miniature garden. Thanks, ArkansasFred.

"Merkin_JiggyJerkin" catches Jay Harris with a tongue-twisted "shit brown" on SportsCenter. But he's not Scott Van Pelt, so we'll let it go.


"Bluenatic" thinks it's possible Deadspin is full of the gayest gays that ever gayed. To that we say: "possible?"

Thanks to all those who slip us the #tips. And no thanks to the rest of you ungrateful bastards.

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