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Introducing The Deadspin Comment Of The Week (Now With 100% More Prizes!)

Here in Deadspin Amalgamated Industries Co. Ltd's Chicago bureau, we've been working day-and-night to find a way to properly reward our occasionally-witty commenters for their hard work. We think we've got something.

Since Rob Iracane's departure, I've gotten literally several emails asking, nay, pleading for some sort of replacement for Mr. Iracane's cherished Combudsman columns, especially the Comment of the Fortnight features. As I beat to my own beat, it would be unseemly to copy the format wholesale, so we've done some rejiggering and retrofitting and come up with this spiffy new feature.


You may have noticed "featured comments" popping up on the front page over the course of this week. Members of Team Deadspin have been given a handy little "promote" button (times being what they are, we had to reappropriate the "preview post" button - sorry) that pins especially chuckle-worthy comments up top for all to see. Those are your Comment Of The Week nominees. Every Friday, Deadspin readers and commenters will vote on the top three nominees to decide the Comment Of The Week. The winner (and his or her prize) will officially be announced in the following week's Comment Of The Week post. Deadspin has warehouses full of tangentially-sports-related promotional items that need good homes, and what better way of unloading them than with a trumped-up weekly contest? Good luck, commenters. On to the nominees:

Re: Spear Fishing And The Meast-y Killing of Sharks
Stev D: "We as a society celebrate people who kill sharks, but when someone uses their internship at the National Aquariam and comes in off hours and attempts to make love to a dolphin, I lose my college scholarship. Hypocrites."

Re: The ACC, Lesbians, And You
Her?: I don't get why the NCAA wouldn't be all over this. Every lesbian I've seen in my entire life (and I've seen a lot of lesbians) is a smoking hot, scantily clad nubile woman more than willing to sex it up with another lesbian wherever they meet: be it an office, classroom, the gym, at one of their brothers house while he's away on vacation ...


Re: The Memphis Tigers' Appetite For Cupcakes
wonderlic—-myballs: When the best team on your non-conference schedule is Syracuse, and the Orange beat you at home, you're not very good. Kudos to Memphis for finishing the regular season, but likewise I'm undefeated at ping pong down at the MorningWood Convalescence Home and my court mandated community service hours are just about done.


Go forth and vote. May the best comment win.


Standard contest rules apply.

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