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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Introducing Your New Deadspinner

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Hi. I’m the new guy. Nice to make your acquaintance.

Some of you may know me from a couple weekend stints here in which I managed not to drive the site completely into the ditch. A few of you will remember my Socratic exchanges with Joe Morgan about Moneyball, with Dustin Pedroia about Woodland and with Stephon Marbury about God. (That’s not me in the photo, in case you were wondering.) A handful of you have probably hated something I’ve written for Slate, and one or two of you may have spent a bowel movement skimming something I wrote for the late, lamented Play. If you’re British, you probably think I’m the guy who sculpts dragons and unicorns out of wood. I am not.

I’ll be writing a lot around these parts. If you like contrarian arguments about sports and dated, semi-pretentious cultural references — hey, look, that’s me in the Wikipedia entry for Pravda! — then I imagine we’ll get along just fine. And that’s factorial.


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