It is my distinct pleasure to announce the formation of a new stable of writers who will be handling weekend duties here at Deadspin. Beginning in August we'll be featuring four new primary weekend writers, as well as two tremendous swing contributors who will presumably write for the site while not attending sexy key parties. I myself will be serving as the Weekend Editor, and I'll even be using my real name (but you can feel free to keep calling me Unsilent, Maj, and/or shithead depending on your preference). Continue after the jump to meet the group.

Marcel Mutoni has been blogging daily over at SLAM Online for the last year or so. He was also a contributor to AOL's FanHouse last year. He lives in Ottawa (Canada), and strangely enough, his favorite sports team is the Lakers. He has no explanation for this, so don't bother asking. And because he knows you're wondering, He'll take a nice ass over big tits any day of the week.


Josh Zerkle (a/k/a "Monday Morning Punter," "MMP," or "PUNTE,") is perhaps best known as one of the original contributors to the NFL humor blog, Kissing Suzy Kolber. He has also served as guest editor for With Leather and weekend editor for SPORTS by BROOKS. Josh is a Big Ten apologist, having graduated from Ohio State in 2003. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and hedgehog.

Sarah Schorno's blogging career began with the now defunct Strike Zones and End Zones before becoming the Huffington Post's first designated sports blogger. She has also written a sports column for The Naughty American (where perks included free porn) and has been seen here at Deadspin, The Sporting Blog, and can currently be read at Babes Love Baseball. She is also developing a top secret project to be launched in the coming weeks.

Dennis Tarwood (Tuffy) has been commenting on Deadspin since 2006 and currently write for SPORTSbyBROOKS as well as indulging in a twice-weekly podcast with Matt Sussman. As required by Deadspin statutes, he is from Illinois originally and he writes in the third person.


Enrico Campitelli Jr. founded the Philly website back in the pre-Deadspin era and is also one of FanHouse's original bloggers. He loves everything Philadelphia and actually believes Donovan McNabb is a good quarterback. Shockingly, he does not own this shirt.

Gourmet Spud is one quarter of the team at Food Court Lunch, a frequent Deadspin commentor, and comes with a variety of interchangeable hats and noses. He is also Canadian (Ed. Note: Yeah that's right, we've got two Canadians!), and is therefore smug, in a 'that's adorable' kind-of-way."


In addition to welcoming our new contributors we'd also like to thank everyone who applied for the positions. All told we received emails from 89 of you, and it was no easy task getting to this point.