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Jamie Pollard is like most lunatic parents in many respects. For instance, when he has the chance on a random Tuesday night in February, Pollard likes to watch his son play basketball for Gilbert High School. And sometimes he is so into the game, he gets himself ejected for arguing with the referee. The referee, just so we're all on the same page here, is officiating a high school basketball game—played by teenagers—and Jamie Pollard is an adult. So it's just like I said: in many respects, Jamie Pollard is your run-of-the-mill crazy parent. In one very important respect, however, he is different: he is the athletic director of Iowa State University.

He was at the Colfax-Mingo vs. Gilbert game Tuesday night in Colfax when the official asked that he be escorted out after Pollard reportedly disagreed with the referee's call.

"The official went over to the scorers bench, at that point Mr. Pollard just told the official that he thought it was a bad call," said Marty Lucas, superintendent at the Colfax-Mingo School District.


Lucas noted that Pollard did not use any inappropriate language but he did tell the referee he would have been embarrassed to make a similar call. The referee felt he was being called out in front of a crowd so he ejected Pollard. Lucas further noted that parents often get caught up in the heat of the moment and Pollard clearly fell victim to his emotions. A fair point.

So get nuts Cyclones, It's OK to get a little emotional. Just don't say any curse words or yell loudly, people might think you're a bad egg.


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