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Iowans Are Easily Entertained

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"Wow, look at Lance Armstrong, eatin' that pie. Just look at him."
"I wonder if there's EPO in that pie."
"Is he going to eat the whole thing?"
"He might. He's got incredible endurance."
"Screw pie, man. You wanna see someone eat some pie? I'll eat some goddamn pie. I'll eat five of them."
"Just calm down, Stuart."
"Bet me."
"I think I want a divorce."
"Hey, I heard he's only got one ball."
"Ask him."
"No, YOU ask him."
"Shut up, Steven."
"Why do you need a helmet to eat pie?"
"Or gloves."
"Do you realize that we've been here for an hour, watching Lance Armstrong eat pie?"
"I should probably get a job."

Leg 5: Newton to Marengo [Iowa City Press Citizen]


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