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Diego Costa can be a huge dick. In addition to stomping, scratching, and attempting to bite his opponents, he once threw his spit onto Sergio Ramos (yes, he spit into his hand then threw it at another human being—twice). These transgressions, combined with his constant scowling and general grumpiness have solidified Costa as one of the most hated men in soccer. During last week’s World Cup match between Iran and Spain, Iranian defender Morteza Pouraliganji got the full Diego Costa experience.

According to an interview Pouraliganji gave to the Iranian media, Costa, as a means of competitive advantage, attempted to rattle the defender by insulting every member of the poor man’s family during Spain’s 1-0 win, a game in which Costa scored the only goal. Iranian journalist Sina Saemian helpfully translated some of Pouraliganji’s comments:


Aside from wondering about what language Costa was speaking in order to get his point across, I’m impressed by the depth of his trash talking. Anyone can go after a guy’s mother or sister, but burning the entire damn family takes real dedication.

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