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Is Chipper Jones Getting Fat Again?

Chipper Jones joined the Braves on Saturday to spend a few days hanging around the team's spring training complex as a "special instructor," which is baseball-speak for "old guy who stands around leaning on a fungo bat and spitting seeds." So how's retirement been going for Chipper? Aside from the optical illusion, the horrible Super Bowl party, and the Playboy-model girlfriend, that is?


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (emphasis ours):

Jones spent most of the afternoon watching batting practice on Field 5 behind the stadium, seated on a bucket next to the batting cage. A sunflower-seed company slogan on the side of the bucket read, "Eat. Spit. Be Happy." Jones seemed to have all three covered.

From the AP (emphasis ours):

He's kept himself more than busy, from starting up business ventures to running his ranch, from a new romantic relationship to spending time with his kids, from working the banquet circuit to enjoying the solitude of hunting.


Yep. Chipper's retirement is already the moveable feast we figured it would be.


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