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Is It So Hard To Believe That Misty Mounds Is Also A Bereavement Counselor?

Portland Trailblazers forward Zach Randolph is away from the team on "bereavement leave." His girlfriend's cousin was shot to death, and Randolph was granted some time away from the team to grieve, be there for his girlfriend, attend a funeral, ogle glitter-covered jubblies ... you know, typical things that happen when people die.

The Portland Tribune cites multiple reports spotting Randolph at the Exotica International Club for Men in Portland, spending $106, and then forgetting to pay his tab.


Even if it is true, and Randolph was at a strip club while on bereavement leave, I'd have a hard time condemning him for it. People grieve in different ways. It's true that I've never chosen to grieve with plastic love muffins being shoved in my face, but that's me. That's not Zach Randolph.

Maybe he went there to see a friend, maybe he and the deceased used to hang out there ... I don't know. Maybe he just wanted to forget things for a while. I wouldn't blame him. I also don't blame him for walking out on that $106 tab. Some of the drink places at those places are exorbitant. Just because he's bereaved, doesn't make him a sap.

Witnesses: Randolph seen in Portland strip club while on leave to attend funeral [Portland Tribune]

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