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Is It Time To Admit LeBron Was Right To Get Out Of Cleveland?

Since November 29th, the Heat are 21-1, while the Cavaliers have gone 1-21. This was the team we expected him to stick around and fruitlessly try to win with?

The Cavs are on pace for a 23 win season, just a year removed from 61 wins. Sixty-one! What's to account for the difference, other than LeBron? The team is markedly similar, with only Big Z, Delonte West and Shaq no longer getting major minutes. No, that team was all LeBron, and it wasn't as if he were surrounded by talented role players. Praying Boobie Gibson gets hot from beyond the arc for a quarter is not surrounding your star with the pieces to win.


Let this forever end the argument that James had help in Cleveland. Maybe Jordan never played with anyone as good as Wade, but he also never won with anyone as bad as these Cavalier teams have been. A deficiency, we see now, hidden only by James.

Dan Gilbert's "personal guarantee" that Cleveland will win a title before LeBron James? That proclamation's looking more comic than comic sans.

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