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Is It Too Late To Cast Tom Cruise?

We missed our copy of ESPN: The Magazine this week, so we didn't catch this terrifying, surreal tidbit, but the fine folks at Dirty Laundry did:

Dennis Rodman will star as the coach of a dwarf hoops squad in "The Minis," with Verne Troyer as one of his players. "Me and Mini-Me," Rodman says. "It'll be wild." Cameras roll in 2007.


OK, now, we haven't talked to Darren Prince about this yet, but this sounds like the most amazing movie that has ever been conceptualized. (Well, better than Crash, anyway.) You see, Dennis will look even taller. Will he learn how to rally his miniature team around its leader and overcome adversity? We'd like to officially our services as public relations representative for this film. The word must be spread.

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