Even if he is, Notre Dame media relations person Bernadette Cafarelli told us over the phone that "Mike Brey is the men's basketball coach at Notre Dame." (Her inflection suggested a "PERIOD!" so I'll add that.) Onto the smutty rumor-grinder.

The woman pictured above is Erin Logan, former WNDU sports anchorlady, who was recently dismissed from her job after she went nutso at a drinking establishment after a fight with boyfriend Chris Zorich, dome-headed former defensive tackle for ND and the Chicago Bears. Then the South Bend scuttlebutt machine went bananas and somehow linked Brey into this mess. (Yes, Brey is married, two kids, the whole she-bang.)

Cafarelli said Notre Dame will not respond to any rumors about Brey/Logan, but when asked if Brey was planning to hold a press conference of some sort this week (also a rumor floating around), she went back to the emphatic, "Mike Brey is the men's basketball coach at Notre Dame." We'll add a "for now."