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Well, we've finally rid ourselves of that long-running subplot; the Colts have finally beat the Patriots, in a sadly dull Monday nighter. (Honestly, nobody shows less joy than Peyton Manning after a victory; it's like interviewing a hickish, slightly fey math teacher after he gives a test.) Indianapolis was clearly better, and it's starting to look like both of last year's Super Bowl teams will be lucky to even sneak in the playoffs. So there's that.

And then there's Manning himself, who, our snickering about Kenny Chesney (who actually had a concert promo on ABC during the game; synergy rules) aside, could very well be having his legend year. And it couldn't happen to a dopier guy. During the MNF halftime puff piece, Manning, in response to what song best defined him, actually said "Footloose." We mean, you couldn't script that. (We're wondering if his other choices were "Danger Zone" and "I'm Alright.") But now the guy is getting his back rubbed by everyone; Mastercard even, inexplicably, ran one of those "Beating The Patriots: Priceless" commercials at the end of the game last night. Now people are legitimately talking about the Colts going undefeated. And we're wondering how Manning will handle all this; we still think he's going to get jittery at the absolute worst time. We're conditioned that way.

Colts Beat Patriots, Yay! [Lone Pony]

(By the way, if you're in a Kenny Loggins mood this morning, we suggest checking out these letters from Loggins fans to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Great way to pass time in that TPS report meeting.)