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Is Ronda Rousey A GLORY GIRL?

Hey, Ronda Rousey got her butt (and head and neck) kicked the other night. How did such a seemingly dominant athlete manage to end up losing so decisively? Was Rousey ill-prepared for Holly Holm’s cagey boxing style? Was she unnerved by Australia’s counter-clockwise toilet swirl? Did she take a dive? Or is Ronda Rousey an overhyped GLORY GIRL who spends too much time auditioning for Road House Begins instead of focusing on the task at hand?! We’ll answer all of those horribly ill-informed questions and more in this week’s Deadcast.

But that’s not all! We also talk about the end of Peyton Manning, David Brooks’ $120,000 vacation, and more. If you have anything you’d like to hear discussed on the podcast, just send it in to with the subject line DEADCAST. You can listen to the show here or download it over at the iTunes store.


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