Thanks to reader Pete for the ESPN screen cap - you just made Rick Chandler's day. Yes, it's been quite a weekend for Plaxico Burress. A lot has happened since that fateful moment outside the Latin Quarter on late Friday night, when he told teammate Antonio Pierce, "Lemme meet you inside. I just have to grab something from the car." Let's see, he has: i) shot himself in the leg; ii) allegedly tried to cover it up (and in the process may have gotten Pierce, who happens to be a valuable member of a pretty good football team, into some big trouble of his own); and iii) learned that he will in fact be charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Burress will turn himself in tomorrow, says his lawyer Benjamin Brafman, but plans on pleading not guilty, and won't be talking to investigators. Those same investigators also want to talk to Pierce, who may or may not have crossed state lines to hide the gun in question "somewhere in New Jersey" (note to investigators: check the bird feeders!). It's also been revealed that Derrick Ward was at the club with Burress and Pierce. The sad part is this whole thing never would have happened, if they had only taken Eli Manning up on his offer of hosting a Friday-night Cranium tournament.

That's it for us this weekend, folks, it's been a pleasure as always. Sorry about all the extra "u"s. There's a big battle for first in the NFC North tonight, as Chicago visits Minnesota, so maybe you could watch that. But whatever you do, here's hoping it doesn't involve a weapon going off in your hand. Too many people have been hurt already.


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