Is This The End Of Tom Glavine?

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Tommy Glavine was all set to make his major league debut this season, after fully rehabbing from offseason surgery and throwing 11 straight shutout innings in the minors—right before the Braves said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Glavine was released by Atlanta yesterday, one day after throwing six shutout innings that he assumed would be the last hurdle on his last major league comeback. But then the Braves had to go and remind everyone that Single A Rome is not the National League East and all Cy Youngs considered, they're just going to go with the rookie instead. (They called up super prospect Tommy Hanson.)


So after 22 seasons (geez, we're old guys) and 682 starts is this the end of the line? The Braves made it perfectly clear that it's not a money issue and that they just don't think Glavine has the stuff anymore—but if they won't take a flyer on him, will anyone else? Actually, someone will always take a chance on you if you're left-handed and breathing, so I guess the question is who? And what will they pay him? (Not much.)

Maybe the real question is, should he bother? No one goes out the way they want to go out, so maybe he should just get to work on that Senior PGA career.


Oh, and in related news, the Braves got Nate McLouth from Pittsburgh so all their problems are solved.

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