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You’re familiar with Allen Iverson, but you may not be familiar with Post Malone, a rapper whose first hit single is called “White Iverson.” Last night, Malone and Iverson met for what appears to be the first time, which was big news for Malone’s fanbase, which I assume mostly consists of dirtbag white teens who annoy their mothers by saying “bitch” in the house too much.

What’s not quite clear is if the meeting was a big deal to Iverson himself, who does not appear to be all that familiar with “White Iverson” in this video clip:


I count two instances in which Iverson started like he was about to sing along with the song only to bail after uttering a single word, which is exactly what you do when some weird guy at a party is pressuring you to sing along with a song you’ve never once heard before.

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